Mary McGrigor F.S.A. Scot

Historian with a special interest in Scotland.

Contributor to the magazines "Scottish Field", "Kist" and other publications.
Mary McGrigor was born in London but spent most of her childhood in Stirlingshire growing up in Duntreath, a 15th-century Scottish castle which inspired her love of history. Her interest in literature was fostered by the writing of Robert Louis Stevenson, with whom she still empathises today. Married aged twenty to Sir Charles McGrigor she 'followed the drum' for many years until he retired and they settled down with their three young children on a sheep farm beside Loch Awe in Argyll.

Falling in love with the country her first two books were local histories - The History of South Lochaweside, followed by Dalmally and the Glens.
Then came Argyll - Land of Blood & Beauty; Grass Will Not Grow On My Grave, the story of 'the Appin Murder'; and Rob Roy's Country.

The Scalpel & The Sword, an edited version of the autobiography of Sir James McGrigor, 'Father of the R.A.M.C', was published in 2000. These have been recently followed by Defiant & Dismasted - the life and times of Sir William Hargood, Wellington's Spies, Paths of the Pilgrims and most recently Anna, Countess of the Convenant.

Mary McGrigor

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Doctor Archie - the life and times of Doctor Archibald Cameron

The Tsar's Doctor


Anna, Countess of the Covenant
Paths of the Pilgrims
Defiant and Dismaster at Trafalgar.
Wellington's Spies
Rob Roy's Country
The Story of the Appin Murder
Argyll, Land of Blood and Beauty
The Scalpel and the Sword

The Family of Edmonstone of Duntreath
by Sir Archibald Edmonstone 3rd Bt.
Published 1875.
Edmonstone Crest

Revised and Updated with Additions, Illustrations and Family Trees
by Mary McGrigor, F.S.A. Scot.
Published 1996.

Printed by Harlequin Press, Oban

Book 		Cover - Dalmally & The Glens
Book Cover - History of South Loch Awe


Family of Edmundstone of DuntreathDuntreath Battlements

Lady McGrigor with her brother
Sir Archibald, 17th of Duntreath
on the battlements of Duntreath
Family tree..............Follow link for information aboutThe Family of Edmonstone of Duntreath

Dalmally & The Glens

First published 1974
Republished 3 times
currently awaiting 4th edition
from House of Lochar (as below)
ISBN: 1 B99863 70 2
History of South Loch Awe

First published 1969.
Republished and up-dated 4 times.
5th edition forthcoming: House of Lochar
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